Wordpress Single Sign On with PHPBB

12 October 2009Phpbb3-connectorPluginWordpress

Long time ago, I tested a plugin which made possible the connection between PHPBB and Wordpress.

This worked very well and I was happy with this solution.

But one day, the version 2.8 of wordpress showed up. and the plugin didn't work anymore.

The team of the original plugin didn't release a new version of the plugin that was working with wordpress 2.8.

So, I was determinated to create thsi plugin by myself. I read many documentations in the Wordpress Codex. Many Tutorials and other websites.

In 20 days, I got it working again. but for my own use, and I made many ugly modifications to the source of phpBB.

I didn't know that there was no official plugin anymore. When I saw it last week. I knew that I could make the new plugin.

And now it's done. The plugin is in the official Wordpress repository here : http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/phpbb-single-sign-on/

Or you can search for "phpbb single sign on" in the admin area of your Wordpress blog to add it.

Don't forget to run the installer and to set the path to phpbb.

The phpbb folder has to be within the wordpress folder, preferably in forum/.

You need to add the slash at the end of the path.

For support, you can send me a mail with the contact form or just post a comment.