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Laravel Profiler

7 June 2013profiler

After a few years, I took the time to clean up the code of my Profiler and publish it on Github

Also available on Packagist

It's a simple profiler for Laravel 4 able to provide you with precious informations about your code.

This version is still young, but should be quite stable.

7 panels are available for the moment :

  • Time: gives only the full page execution time for the moment, the idea is to provide a full breakdown of the different parts of the execution, like in the symfony profiler
  • Database: shows the queries and the bindings
  • Routes: lists the routes and highlights the matched route
  • Variables: dumps the GET/POST/FILES/COOKIES/Session/SERVER variables
  • Log: dumps the logs directly from monolog
  • Files: lists the loaded files
  • Bookmarklets: a few useful bookmarklets

I hope this package can help you develop your applications quicker.