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New version of the Single Sign On Plugin

Hi to all !

It’s been a long time !

I’ve been busy on an exciting project these days. I’ll tell you about it as soon as it is released.

But let’s talk about the main subject of this post : The new Single Sign On plugin !

This new 0.6 version took me many hours to get it to work.

The new functionnalities are :

  • Bugfix : Captcha problem if the user makes 3 errors in his password in phpbb (reported by Ramon Fincken http://www.ramonfincken.com/)
  • Bugfix : op_userexists function doesn’t exist (patch proposed by Brian Pan)
  • Bugfix : Blank user creation when logging in the first time from phpbb (Brian Pan tracked down the bug and I made the little fix)
  • Added options to the control Panel
  • Now Compatible with Onepress, totally new function names.

Again, the Control Panel was redesigned a bit.

Now You have the installation instructions that are integrated within the configuration panel.

When the module isn’t correctly configured, you have an information bar on the top of the admin. (like akismet)

So you won’t forget to configure it.

Some functions didn’t work correctly and there were a few glitches. Now it’s much better.

See you for the next version!